The book is not only for athletes – it steps beyond traditional sports psychology; delving deep into the  mindset you need to succeed, it’s literally life changing.  Read Reviews

Locker Room Power exists at every level and in every walk of life. The book unveils the ‘The Secret to creating this aura’ so you too can have an edge!

Do  your actions show that you are on a mission? Identify your ‘Weapons” to create results and your OWN winning formula!

  • How amazing it is to know that your weakness can be embraced and does not hold you back
  • Introduction by Judy Murray
  • Tim Henman (6 time Grand Slam semi-finalist) shares his experiences of Locker Room Power 
  • David’s vast experience on the coal face gives you an inside track to gaining mental toughness 

David Sammel shares ALL THESE CONCEPTS in – Locker Room Power: Building an Athlete’s Mind

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CONSULTANCY – presentations and workshops


17-20 Dec:   Jarkko Niemenem Academy, Helsinki

21 Dec:        Workshop, National Training Centre, London

David provides Locker Room Power presentations, inspirational talks, consultancy and workshops for colleges, schools, teams and clubs across a spectrum of professional sport and education. Several Premier League Football Clubs including Bolton Wanderers, Hull City, Chelsea and Fulham have used his services and he is now moving into other team sports including Rugby and college basketball. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION

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