What people say about Locker Room Power

Locker Room Power is an extremely powerful concept for player and coaches and is a major factor in the achievement of consistent success at the top of any sport. This is a top book by a top coach.

Judy Murray, OBE. Scottish Tennis Coach and Author.

I can thoroughly recommend Locker Room Power as a must read for coaches at all levels in all teams – as the principles are clearly transferrable and an essential part on maintaining high performance in teams.

Stuart Lancaster. Former England RUFC Head Coach.

David gave a fantastic presentation on Locker Room Power and how to develop a strong team identity. He challenged our coaches and players to identify our strengths and use these as weapons to create fear in the opposition.

Dr Clive Reeves. Performance Coach Fulham Football Club.

Welcome to Locker Room Power. When you think about the most successful athletes and people of all time, almost every one of them has a certain aura and invincibility to the way they present themselves in sport and to the world. Sometimes mistaken for arrogance, this self-belief is essential in succeeding as a professional. There’s no doubt that talent plays a part, but the best believe they’re the best and they make their opponents believe they’re the best.

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