LRP is an extremely powerful concept – for players and coaches – and is a major factor in the achievement of consistent success at the top of any sport. This is a top book by a top coach.

Judy Murray

Picked the book up briefly and just couldn’t put it down. Just finished it. It really is a great book, very professional and insightful.

As a tennis player, I have personally found this to be a very powerful book. I often find myself referring to it during tournaments; it never leaves my tennis bag! Locker Room Power is such a compelling concept and once you understand it, you realise how much it can help improve your performances, which for me in particular, is on the match court. The novel ideas and thought-provoking concepts of Locker Room Power can definitely be transferred into everyday life, so you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy and gain from this book. LRP is a must-read!!”


I thought it was a great book and if you take the word ‘player’ out – it is a book for anyone and everyone. I loved it.

Having read Chimp Paradox I never thought any other book could compete with it …but I was wrong! This book has really helped me. I have now read it twice and each time I get more and more out of it. This book really can help anyone; it gives you strength, motivation and helps you think of things in a different perspective not just in sport but also in every day life. Great for confidence building and really helps you to understand that the way portray yourself to others is really important.

L Johnson

I was made aware of Dave’s book a few weeks back after a tough defeat in the first round of a futures event. I can’t emphasize enough the positive effect that the concepts in this book have had in me in such a short period of time. Without exaggeration it has completely altered the way I think on the tennis court and my results have already began to improve. This is the kind of book that you travel with at all times and keep looking over. I would be very surprised if there is anything else out there to rival the clear and telling concepts that Dave brings to light here. It gets down to the core of what tennis players are thinking and how to try and control this. MUST READ for any serious athlete. I feel lucky to have been exposed to LRP.

Danny Manlow