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Andy Murray, one man and his legacy

It was difficult to imagine in 1987 when I attended my first National coaches conference at Bisham Abbey when the then head of performance Richard Lewis, now CEO of the all England club, asked if we could produce a Wimbledon champion by the turn-of-the-century.

Training load monitoring for tour tennis players

In the majority of sports the competition and training schedule is known in advance. If you have good methods of objectifying an athlete’s current state of adaptive health, you can adjust training and recovery methods to manipulate the athlete’s biological state.

Big Summer Preview

The French Open, Wimbledon, Monaco, Silverstone, FA Cup, European Cup, The Ashes, World Cup Rugby and so much more in the massive world of sport.

In taking the time to read this book, you can create your own LRP!

Locker Room Power will help you identify the key factors you need to consistently perform at the highest level, the impact LRP has on performance and how to create that all-important psychological edge.

Locker Room Power: Building and Athlete’s Mind draws on David’s relentless drive to help people improve their competitive mindset, utilising his vast experience, knowledge and understanding of the mental aptitude required to succeed as a professional sportsperson.

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