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What do you say to a player about to play on the Wimbledon centre court for the first time?

How do you prepare an athlete to play against a legend of the sport?

 How do you manage your mind when your focus is gone?

What can you do to ‘unfreeze’ your legs and brain?

What is it that Andy Murray has that you don’t?

How do you win under pressure?

David Sammel has devised an online course designed to instil the values, mindset and strategies of Locker Room Power. Whether it’s personal, work or sport, you can utilise David’s vast experience, knowledge and understanding of the mental aptitude required to succeed.

‘Locker Room Power is an analogy for life, stepping beyond traditional sports psychology and unleashing a mindset that you need to succeed under pressure. It is literally life changing.’

Locker Room Power: Building an Athlete’s Mind is a powerful new book written by International Tennis Coach David Sammel. In his first book, he shares the step-by-step process and his winning formula…

Locker Room Power will help you identify the key factors you need to consistently perform at the highest level, the impact LRP has on performance and how to create that all-important psychological edge over your opponents.

Locker Room Power: Building and Athlete’s Mind draws on David’s relentless drive to help people improve their competitive mindset, utilising his vast experience, knowledge and understanding of the mental aptitude required to succeed as a professional sportsperson.

In taking the time to read this book, you can create your own LRP!

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