Some first-hand monologues and diaries with top level professionals and athletes

Scott Clayton on his experience with Locker Room Power

Professional tennis player Scott Clayton discusses his personal experiences with Locker Room Power (LRP) including how LRP has helped him to succeed in the past and how he has used his knowledge as an antidote to another player’s LRP.

Mark Hilton on his working partnership with David Sammel

Mark Hilton talks about his partnership with David Sammel and how they are working with British Tennis No 3, Liam Broady on his mental toughness…

Liam Broady on working with David Sammel

British Tennis No 3, Liam Broady, talks about working with David Sammel and how he is concentrating on developing his own Locker Room Power…

Samantha Murray pre-match interview at Wimbledon

Samantha Murray is interviewed by the BBC prior to her first match with Maria Sharapova at Wimbledon 2014. Samatha talks about the preparation for the game and the metal strength required to deal with the pressures that come with Wimbledon…

David Sammel talks about the pressures of Wimbledon

David Sammel talks at length about the pressures put on tennis players minds when competing at Wimbledon and how they use Locker Room Power to help deal with the mental aspect of the game…

Introducing Locker Room Power

David Sammel introducing his philosophy Locker Room Power and his new book Locker Room Power: Building an Athlete’s Mind which is available to buy now…

In taking the time to read this book, you can create your own LRP!

Locker Room Power will help you identify the key factors you need to consistently perform at the highest level, the impact LRP has on performance and how to create that all-important psychological edge.

Locker Room Power: Building and Athlete’s Mind draws on David’s relentless drive to help people improve their competitive mindset, utilising his vast experience, knowledge and understanding of the mental aptitude required to succeed as a professional sportsperson.

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